R A M B I K I 別注 小型蒸留器  

¥66,000 + tax


・3段式 ガラス容器(冷却・蒸留・沸騰)
・2段式 SUSパンチング板(試料・IH用)
・フラスコ 300ml


*ラワン合板木箱ケース+お試しスパイス:¥9,000- + tax
*アルミ製オカモチケース:¥19,000- + tax

Our set of small distiller with special order specifications of RAMBIKI's attention to detail. Made of beautiful heat-resistant glass for physical and chemical use by Kiriyama Seisakusho, the set can be heated and adjusted with an induction heater (weak open flames such as oil lamps can also be used), allowing you to enjoy vapor distillation with ease. To allow you to take the distiller anywhere and enjoy it, we have made a set that includes a simple wooden box case for convenient transportation and storage, a bag for the case, and herbs and spices for a trial distillation sample.
* If not in stock, delivery time is about 2 to 3 weeks.
* Please contact us by e-mail if you would like to  order or visit.
* The standard set with IH heater is also available from Kiriyama Seisakusho.

3-tiered glass container (cooling, distilling, boiling), 2-tiered SUS perforated plate (for sample and IH), oil saucer, flask 300ml, Lauan simple wooden box case (with cushioning material inside), RAMBIKI Distillation ZINE (currently being edited)
* IH heater sold separately. If necessary, we will tell you where to purchase products that have been tested.
* Some IH equipment may not be compatible.
* International shipping is not available.

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